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Tools for Autodesk Inventor. Our powerful Inventor tools and workflows for more productivity.

Increase the productivity with our Inventor tools and pre-definied workflows for Autodesk Inventor. Automate your tasks to simplify your working processes. You can get our tools also from the Autodesk App Store.

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Automate Inventor. Without VBA-Macros or iLogic.

AutoSteps provides you with a simple way to automate Inventor. AutoSteps’ visual drag-and-drop interface allows Inventor users and CAD administrators with no programming skills to automate certain tasks in Inventor.

AutoSteps is available in three different versions – Pro, Runtime and Free!

Inventor Tools - ReOpen

Re-open files in Inventor. ReOpen.

ReOpen opens all Autodesk Inventor windows exactly the way they were being used before the Inventor was last closed, allowing you to continue working right where you left off.

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