Automation tool for Autodesk® Inventor®

Automate routine tasks in the Inventor in a simple way.

Why AutoSteps?

AutoSteps provides you with a simple way to automate Inventor. AutoSteps' visual drag-and-drop interface allows Inventor users and CAD administrators with no programming skills to automate certain tasks in Inventor. For example, you can even automate company-specific tasks which cannot be completed with standard tools. An example of this would be an automatic data export in 3D PDF and STEP while simultaneously updating certain iProperties as soon as a component is closed.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Simple workflow "programming" by stringing activities (commands) together with drag-and-drop

Automate time-consuming tasks that cannot be completed with standard tools

Use workflows along with your colleagues (external workflows)

Create more complex workflows with expressions and variables (similar to Excel formulas)

More than 75 activities and 20 functions available

Further information

Version 2.6.0 (Last Updated 26.07.2019)
Release history
Compatible with Autodesk Inventor 2014 - 2020

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Version Comparsion

AutoSteps is available in three versions. The Runtime version is particularly suitable for Inventor workstations that only need to execute workflows. For business customers from with four licenses or more, please contact

Automate simple and small Inventor tasks.

Create and edit workflows

Execute workflows an unlimited number of times

Load one of your self-created workflows

Use all activities without restriction

Execute workflows automatically

Execute external workflows

Support and updates (12 months)

Ideal for Inventor users who only want to execute workflows.
195,00 €
per license plus VAT

Create and edit workflows

Execute workflows an unlimited number of times

Load an unlimited number of workflows

Use all activities without restriction

Execute workflows automatically

Execute external workflows

Support and updates (12 months)

Functions at a Glance

Automate with Drag-and-Drop

No programming skills are required to use the graphic workflow designer. Simply drag-and-drop any activities from the library into the workflow and tailor the activities to your needs. This creates a workflow within a few seconds with no programming whatsoever. Incidentally, existing workflows can be easily changed at any time, so they can be adapted to new requirements time and again with no need for complex and time-consuming code changes.

Do you still want to execute existing macros or iLogic rules? You can easily do this by using the "Run VB Code" and "Run iLogic Rule" activities.

Set Activities as Desired

You can tailor each activity to your needs. For example, for the Export Document activity, you can specify the file format in which you would like to export and where you want to save the file.

AutoSteps offers a huge selection of over 75 activities. We are constantly working to develop new activities and improve existing ones. Many activities are also created as a response to ideas and suggestions from our customers.

Is there an activity that you need? Do you have ideas or suggestions? Please write to us.

Execute Workflows with Just One Click

Your own workflows and those of your colleagues ("external workflows") are automatically loaded every time Inventor is started and can be conveniently executed via the AutoSteps "Launch Pad" Inventory menu or via the "AutoSteps Browser" to improve the way in which your workflows are distinguished later, you can also change the symbol image.

Share Workflows with your Colleagues

The "External Workflows" feature also lets you make workflows available to your colleagues. All you have to do is save the workflows in a network folder and select the folder as the source for "External Workflows." All the workflows contained in the folder are then loaded automatically each time Inventor is started and can be shared by your colleagues.

Tip: Workflows can be password protected against changes.

Execute Workflows Automatically

The execution of your workflows can automatically be triggered with certain events (triggers), e.g. when saving documents, etc. For example, PDF and DXF files can be automatically created when closing a drawing. Or certain iProperties may be changed when saving a document.

Dynamic Workflows

Automate more complex workflows by using functions, variables, objects, and mathematical expressions, much like formulas in Microsoft Excel.



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